Football Battle is an NFT, Play-to-earn game that will let you build your own team, battle your way to the top against other players, win tournaments and become World Champions.


Football Battleā€™s Gameplay is a combination of Strategy, Sport and Battle genre all-together.
Each match can be a totally new challenge.
  • build your own team
  • train, sell & buy players
  • battle with other teams
  • bet & win while you battle
  • join in tournaments


4 vs 4 or 5 vs 5, Friendly Match or Death Match, or Enter Tournaments and compete your way to the top


governance token

$FBL will be used mainly as:

  • governance tokengovernance token
  • utility special play-to-earn eventsutility special play-to-earn events
  • minting & trading playersminting & trading players
  • stake to play & stake to mintstake to play & stake to mint
  • Fixed supply.
  • BEP-20 Tokens.

In-game currency

$FBT will be used as in-game currency for:

  • In-game rewardsIn-game rewards
  • buying exercise lessionsbuying exercise lessions
  • betting in matchbetting in match
  • participating in tournamentsparticipating in tournaments
  • No Fixed supply.
  • BEP-20 Tokens.

Crowdhero's Incubated Project



YOLO Invesments
Ace Starter
PNB Holdings


q1 2022
  • Game sneakpeaks
  • Seed funding
  • Test version & game demo
  • Testnet $FBL
  • Testnet $FBT
q2 2022
    • Private sale
    • Pre-sell 5,000 playable common characters (genesis class)
    • Private demo for NFT holders
    • Pre-sell 100 legendary characters
    • Marketplace ready
    • Public demo
    • Public sale of $FBL (launchpads)
    • Mainnet
    • DEX listing
    • Game ready for PvC
    • PvP matching for game
    • Release of expansion class of NFT characters
    • Release of new in-game contents
q3 2022
  • Tournament hosting
  • Breeding available
  • Release of new in-game contents
  • CEX listing
  • Introduce player creations
  • Introduce football world